SoL #11 – Baking

I love to bake. Why? People who know me would guess I love to bake because I LOVE to eat. Ok, well that is part of it, I can’t deny that. But the real reason I love to bake has more to do with the process. There is something so gratifying, and a little magical, about starting with simple ingredients, measuring them out carefully, putting it in the oven, and pulling out something totally different. Baking soothes me, it comforts me, it is reliable. As long as I read the recipe correctly, I will end up with a wonderful product. I love to bake because I can decorate with frosting, glazes and SPRINKLES! I love to bake because I enjoy sharing the fruits of my labor.  I love to bake.

ps – If you’re looking for baking inspiration google Sally’s Baking Addiction, you won’t regret it!


9 thoughts on “SoL #11 – Baking

  1. So happy I clicked on your blog! I love to bake and eat! It really is a magical process. There is so much you can make with such simple ingredients. Thanks for the suggestion! I have not checked out Sally’s Baking Addiction, but I will be now. 🙂


  2. I love to bake and find it even more fun these days…having a little helper to put a little or a lot of sprinkles on is amazing!


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