SoL #13 – Busy

Recently my girlfriends and I have been trying to plan a little weekend getaway. Leave the kids, the husbands and just relax. I have 2 friends whose weekends are booked from now until July. July! 

This got me wondering, why aren’t I that busy? Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with them? Is being that busy a choice? Do some people like to be that busy just so they can tell people how busy they are? Is there pressure to be so busy? Am I over thinking it WAY too much?

What I do know is I would feel crushed by the weight of all those things to do. I like have unplanned weekends, or even weeks during the summer. I get anxious when I have a crazy week in my planner. I guess at the end of the day each of us has to do what makes us happy. I’m looking forward to my un-busy weekend. 


3 thoughts on “SoL #13 – Busy

  1. I think you’ve answered your own questions but quality or quantity seems to be a good ol’ standby. Keep them free…let life be your planner. There is more surprise and magic when we don’t know what will happen.


  2. An unbusy weekend!?!? I didn’t know those existed anymore. I am glad that I am not the only one who has to plan things out in advance. I am sure that you will find the perfect weekend and enjoy it with your friends!


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